I'm back again with another beauty review! These are my favourite blog posts to read and to write so I've decided I'm gonna do as many as I can! One thing that I've learnt over the years is that Boxing Day isn't just for people wanting to get a new Tv or a game console but it's also the time to get some great beauty sets for dirt cheap! Now that I'm older my family finds it harder to buy me Christmas presents so normally result to money which is great for me the bargain hunting I am. This Christmas I have got so many great products that I've been wanting to try for half the price!

Today I'm reviewing the Skinny Dip London Matte lip kits which I got from boots. These were originally £8.50 each but I got them both half price. Here I've got a nude colour called So Fine and a berry red colour called Trust Fund, these were the only colours they had in boots but on the Skinny Dip London's website they have lots more colours and shades.

I love the two shades I've picked as I feel they are completely different and will be used with different looks. This berry red shade is a very rich, sexy shade which I would prefer to where on a date or night out compared to everyday. When apply the liner I found it quite hard as the actual product it's self was very waxy and not creamy at all. I was scared I was going to crack my lips because I was having to press so hard to get the pigment I wanted. The actual matte liquid lipstick was amazing! very creamy and soft on the lips. It was very long wearing and felt comfortable and not drying. If I was to use this again I wouldn't use the liner and instead maybe use another liner the same shade or not use one at all.

This shade I see running out very quickly as I love it so much! Its such a lovely nude shade which I can wear for any occasion. Once again I had a little bit of trouble with the liner but not as much as the other Trust Fund shade. I like that its a nude but also quite dark so it doesn't just look like foundation on your lips. Once again the matte liquid lipstick was comfortable, long wearing and creamy. One thing I would say to anyone wanting to give these a try is that you don't need lots of this product to get the perfect look. If you apply to much it can cause the lipstick to become cloggy and cakey. 

Here I have swatched both lip kits and you can see how different the shades are. They are both lovely colours and I definietly will be using these a lot!

Would you try Skinny Dip London's Lip Kits?

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  1. I seen these in Boots the other day and didn't pick them up, gutted - that nude shade though! Need to see if they still have them in