Obsession Palette Review

Recently I had a look around Boots, which isn't normal for me as I normally shop at Superdrug, for my make up because of the cheeky student discount, and I found a range of brands I've never heard of. I came across the brand Obsession, which I was really surprised by. The packaging and layout of the products are great quality and made them look like high priced products when in actual fact the most expensive thing there was a £7 concealer. I picked myself an eyeshadow palette to review for only £6!

This is the Obsessed With Me palette which is in sliver glitter packaging which you can't quite see because of the lighting. The packing is really sturdy and good quality. At first glance you wouldn't expect this to be only £6.

 As I'm a brunette I always prefer to go for autumnal shades such as reds, browns and dark oranges because thats what I feel compliments my profile. I chose this palette because of the beautiful shades and the range they come in. Here you've got a mixed range including shimmers which I like for the eyelid, nudes for transition shades, darker shades to add colour and also lighter colours to highlight the brow bone.

One thing I really like about this palette is that you can take each individual eyeshadow out of the palette and put into your own magnetic palette. This is great for when travelling as you are able to take only the shades you need.

So here I have swatched every shade from the palette and you can see the transition through all the shades. I found that when applying the shadows to my fingers they felt creamy, but when swatching them they felt a little bit chalky. The shimmers were super pigmented and applied great compared to other shades. I can't wait to see what different eye looks I can do with this palette, make sure you follow me on instagram to see these looks!

Have you tried any Obsession Products?


  1. This palette is everything!! I'm not massive on eyeshadow because I mostly don't know how to apply it... But when I see these colours, oh em geeeee i gotta try!!! Sounds like such a handy palette too if you can take them out! And I'm a brunette as well so i get youuu girl!

  2. First off, the photos in this post are absolutely phenomenal!! I love them. I agree with what you said about autumnal shades being complimentary for brunettes as their what I go for with my makeup. I’ve had a few looks at this palette a few times and I think I may have to give it a go aha. Thanks for such a lovely post. Have a good day.

    Katie | www.katieyvonne.co.uk