If you haven't been on my blog you won't know that I'm the biggest fans of the makeup brand Revolution. They are my number-one favourite drugstore makeup brand and as I've had lots of positive feedback on my other reviews I've chosen to do a review on my latest eyeshadow palette purchases. All of the products I am reviewing today are £4.

So for the first of the three palettes, I have the Revolution Reloaded iconic fever palette, which is full of nudes and transition shades. Theres not one shade that I feel doesn't perform as good as the other palettes I've tested and used. I do like the range of pigments and feel like I will get good use out of these.

Here I have swatched the iconic fever palette and you can see all the red shimmers swatched really well and didn't crumble or go sheer on the skin. Looking at the whites/cream shimmers you can see that they didn't show up well when swatched. When using these shades you may need to use a setting spray to dampen the brush first. Over all I liked this palette and think for £4 it's worth it.

This is the second palette, and it is my favourite out of all three of them! This is the Revolution neutrals 2 eyeshadow palette, which is filled with some amazing pigmented colours! I definitely think I can use all of these colours for a variety of different looks. My favourite shade out of them all is the left at the top which is rich berry shimmery colour. I feel like this is an all-year-round palette with colours to suit every occasion.  One thing I have found with this palette is that some of the bold colours do stain your eyelids, so that's something to keep in mind. 

Here I have swatched the whole of the neutrals 2 palette and as you can see these colours vary in pigment and colour, this is easily the most used palette I've had in a while.

Last of all is the Revolution Affection Palette and I've got to say this is my least favourite and least used palette out of all three of the eyeshadow palettes. There are some shades that I like in here, but I've been finding it hard to do a full eyeshadow look with this palette. As most of these are shimmer shades I don't feel like there's a great transition colour that sticks out in this palette. If I were use this for a full look I would need to use other shades from different palettes too. One thing I do love about this is the bold gold shades which definitely stick out from the rest of the shades.

Have you tried the Revolution eyeshadow palettes for £4? 

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