Something that I have spoken to a lot of other bloggers and friend about is the cheap high end make up that Tkmax sells. The same questions come up. Are the products fake? Are they out of date? I'm hoping from todays blog post you'll be able to feel more confident when buying make up from Tkmax.

So if you haven't been in Tkmax before you won't understand why people are sceptical when buying make up or any hair product, the reason is many people will open the packaging and tamper with the products. People will swatch the products and also sometimes use it on themselves without buying it.

One thing I have learnt when looking for make up at tkmaxx is that the products they are selling are not just one offs but actually a whole bulk buy of them. So basically there will be 15 shades of the same lipsticks there. The best thing to do is have a look at the products which are already open and maybe swatch and test the product. Once you've decided you want it look for another product the same which is unopened. 

I have bought lots of high end make up from tkmax including the Too Faced Glitter Palette, NARS eyeshadows and highlighter and also a Pixi palette. So I'd say I'm experienced in looking for good bargains. So today I'm gonna review three of my recent buys which include a Illamasque Lipstick and two Anastasia beverly Hill liquid lipsticks.

I decided to buy the Illamasque Lipstick in the shade ESP which a very autumnal berry colour. This product Retails at £20 and I bought it for £4 which means I saved a whole £16! The product is a very high quality and came with brand new packaging. I've never used one of illamasques lipsticks before so I didn't know what to expect. They are very creamy and buttery, one thing that surprised me was how long it lasted. I never use traditional lipsticks and normally stick to liquid lipsticks as they are longer wearing but with this it definitely lasted as long as a liquid lipstick and maybe even longer.

So these two liquid lipsticks from Anastasia Beverly Hills are a holy grail to my everyday make up. They do look like the same shade in the bottles of the picture but when on the lip they are completely different. They are from two different collections but are still both nude and have the same formula. I've got the shades Naked and Stripped, these are perfect for work, school or just a casual day as they are very subtle and natural. They are long waring and comfortable. These retail for £20 and I bought the each for £7.

I hope you found this blog post helpful and can use it in the future when shopping for your own Tkmax make up.



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  1. TKMAXX is great for high end makeup at a more affordable price, and you found some gems!
    Amber | www.amberatlanta.blogspot.co.uk