So once again I'm back reviewing some new products that The Body Shop have recently released. I've been really enjoying doing posts like this because I feel like I have found some real gems that I will definitely go on to use again.

So for this post I will be reviewing the Body Shop The Oils Of Life oil and night cream. I was able to  get these samples as I am a member of their mailing club so every month I get a email about what products they are promoting.

So I'm gonna start with the Night cream which was quite a surprise for me. As my skin is quite sensitive I thought that using this night cream may cause a outbreak because the amount of fragrance in the product but to my surprise it worked wonders! Like it says on the packaging I used it at night after washing my face. I do love the fragrance but like I said before it was quite strong.

I've never used facial oils and I didn't really know what they did or how to use them, so I wasn't sure how much I used or if I needed to wash it off. At first it felt a little like I had put chip pan fat on my face but after a few minutes I could feel it sinking into my skin. After using this for around a week I have definitetly noticed a difference, my skin feels a lot more fresh and moisturised.

So you can buy these products full sized for £45 for both! I'm not sure if I will be purchasing full sized just because I think I can find a product that will do the same for cheaper.

If you liked this quick small blog post please give me a comment down below. See you next time x

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