Today I thought I would do something a little different to my normal beauty blog post reviews, and instead show you how to wash your makeup brushes and leave them super clean!


  • Bowl/Sink of hot water
  • Shampoo
  • Make-up brush cleaner
  • Towel

First Step: The first thing you need to do is fill up your sink or a bowl without water. This water needs to be hot enough to kill the bacterial and germs that are living within the brush but not hot enough to melt or ruin the brush. Many people forget that there are hundreds of bacteria that end up on your face everyday and re-using a make up brush every can cause your brush to become a home to these bacteria. When doing someone elses make up make sure to use their own brushes or wash yours after. Sharing brushes can lead to eye infections, skin infections or acne.

Second Step: After leaving your brushes in the water for a bit it's now time to wash them. I have used RealTechniques Brush Cleaner but found that it doesn't work half as good as normal hair shampoo. The way I look at is that shampoo is designed to wash away grease and when you've used your brushes a few time the foundation builds up and becomes a greasy substance. Grab your brushes and put a small amount of shampoo in and massage into the brush before using a silicone brush cleaner to scrub the brush. Keep doing this until the water from the brush is clear.

Third Step: After washing the brushes with shampoo you need to rinse them throughly to make sure there's no shampoo left over. If there's shampoo left over in the hairs of the brush this can cause them to become sticky, ruin the brush or transfer onto your face when you're doing your make up.

Final Step: After rinsing the brushes all you need is to dry them beauties! This step is small but essential if not done properly this can cause mold to grow in the brushes. You dry them by giving them a rub with your towel and then living them on a windowsill to dry in the sun. DO NOT put back straight into your make-up bag.

And there you go clean brushes!

Hope you found this post helpful and use the advice I gave! have you got any tips for me?


  1. I've had the little birchbox cleaner for ages but never even used it. I must try it now!

    Erin x | Oh Erin!

  2. I use the StylPro for washing my brushes as it's so quick, but I love the look of those brushes the blue bristles are so cute xx

    Gemma Etc. ❤️