So if you haven't been on twitter or any social media at all you may not know about the new make up brand Revolution which has taken the make up scene by storm! They keep bringing new products to their range and every time they get better and better! I will never stop raving about them because I love them so much!

For this blog post I will be reviewing their precision eyebrow pencil but also comparing it to the Benefit Preciously My Brow.

For about two years now I have been using Benefits brow products in my makeup routine and the better I became at make up, the more often I would wear it. If you haven't been living in a cave you'll know that Benefit is quite a pricey brand if you're using their products daily it can become expensive. I've had a Precisely My Brow for 4 months and already its nearly all gone! These cost £20 each! What if I said I have found a dupe for £4!

The Revolution precision eyebrow pencil is similar looking to the Benefit eyebrow pencil just less fancy. They both have a twist mechanism which brings the product in and out. One thing I did notice between the two is that the Revolution Eyebrow pencil's product was harder and more like a lead product compared to the Benefit pencils product which was a bit softer and creamy.

On the opposite side, both the products have a built in spoolie which is essential for doing the perfect fade of the brow. I'd say that the Benefit eyebrow pencil spoolie is a little bit better quality but if you're paying £20 it should be!

When applying the Revolution Precision Eyebrow pencil I see no difference other than the colour shades, so when choosing yours make sure to match yourself correctly. This product is perfect for people wanting to put a make up on everyday but not wanting to use all their luxury make up.

What do you think to Revolution?

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  1. Ahh this sounds so much better for me as when I have high end products I am almost too scared to use them, or use them very sparingly haha! £4 sounds right on my budget, I loved reading your thoughts on this :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
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