So if you didn't know already from my last blog post, I am the worlds biggest stationery hoarder. The amount of little bits and bobs that I have collected over the years is insane, and the fact that I now have a job makes the matter worse as I can buy more of it.

I'm a fashion student so I also have lots of art supplies and stuff to do sketchbooks with, so when I moved into my apartment I needed an effective place to keep it. After doing some research on Pinterest I now have my own organised little trolley which I keep everything in. For today's blog post I thought it would be cool to show you guys so if need be you can do the same.

All my crafty readers out there have probably seen one of these trolleys before.....right?  I've been wanting one of these for ages but could only find IKEA doing them for £50! So I did some digging and it turns out that Hobbycraft does one exactly the same! So this is from Hobbycraft and only cost £25 which is amazing considering how well its made and how sturdy the trolley is. They come in a number of different colours but I chose grey as it goes with my apartment the best.  

So the the first tier of the trolley I have basically put the essentials of my stationery, being my ProMarkers, scissors and shears, and finally a heck load of notebooks. So all I've done to make them look neat and tidy is put them in separate jars and pots, and then with the notebooks wedged them up against the pots. I got my pots from Aldi, but you can get them from any garden centre or homeware shop. For the glass jar I just used one which had some sort of food in it before.

For the second tier of my trolley I  have the different tapes that I use for my sketchbooks. I also use this part to store some of my books. I decided to store all my tapes in this medium sized metal mesh basket which I got from Asda Living for £6. I chose the neon pink as I like the bold colours against the grey trolley.

So for the bottom tier of the trolley I just keep little bits & bobs that I don't have any other place for such as sticky notes, pens, and clips. Once again I have used the metal baskets from Asda Living.

So that's all all for my Stationery trolley tour! If you liked it give me a comment below with your blog link so I can check you out. 


  1. Cute and it looks like a great space-saving idea for apartment living. I have an ever-increasing stash of art supplies and not the nicest looking method of storing it which is currently shoving everything into the bookshelf, lol! I really like that it's a mobile trolley and not fixed to the wall or anything.

  2. Your stationary storage is so cute! I'm definately a stationary hoader! I love the neon pink baskets!

    Molly |

  3. So organised and cute! Im obsessed with stationary.

    Caroline |