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I've got a very very busy year ahead of me with personal statements to write, live projects and a final collection to make, so motivation and organisation is key. First of all I would like to point out that studying fashion isn't just doing cute little drawings of skinny women in glam dresses and sitting around looking at colour palettes and fabric. There is a whole other side to fashion that people don't realize. It's true that fashion can be easy if you have the skill and motivation to do it but without them key things you're screwed.

For this blog post I thought I would bullet point some things that help me stay motivated.

1. organisation- if you're organised and you can see what needs to be done and when for, then staying motivated can be easy. It gets tricky when you've left everything to the last minute and everything due in the next day. My biggest advance I would say is get a planner and plan everything out. From certain research you want to do or maybe mini deadlines you've set yourself. Planning is key.

2. Surround yourself in Fashion- I find this helpful because it helps inspire me. When I say surround I mean little magazine cuttings on your wall or a monthly subscription to Vogue which just helps you get into the mood of fashion. One way I surround myself is by having a fashion Blog.

3. Pinterest- This is the best website ever for creative people! From sketchbook ideas to just general research, Pinterest is my bible. I highly suggest you get a account and start making Pin Boards that you can starting keeping ideas and inspiration.

4. Draw- When it comes to designing its okay if it looks messy or untidy because that's what makes it unique. When it comes to drawing you need to have you're own style and not copy the stereotype of a fashion illustration with the skinny woman doing a lady like pose. Practice and perfect you're own drawing. Drawing and getting down all your ideas is such a great way to stay motivated.

How do you stay motivated?

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  1. These are great tips! I love creating different boards on Pinterest where I can put all of my ideas together in one place:)

    Emily xo