My 5 Fashion Tips

Today I thought I would do a little blog post on how I include fashion in my day to day life other than doing fashion as a course. If you're someone who's wanting to going to or interested in the world of fashion then this will hopefully be very helpful to you.

Tip 1. My very most important tip for anyone who enjoys and is interested in fashion is to read fashion Blogs and magazines this will help you find out about the latest fashion trends and designers. It's no good knowing all about the fashion 5 years ago and nothing about fashion now. Fashion is always changing and going down different paths and its important that you know that that's what you need to do as well.

Tip 2. Use a notebook or scrapbook to note down new fashion trends or favourite designers. This is very important for the people wanting to do fashion for a career. Its no good not knowing about different designers and styles for when you are developing your work or doing research for your projects. One thing that my teachers ask us to do is have a little note book where I can note down different designers and little glossaries about them so in the future when I need a designer who has a gothic style I will be able to get my book and straight away pull someone out like Gareth Pugh ( great designer, love him)

Tip 3. Have your own unique style!! Why dress like everyone else when you can stand out from the crowd. One thing I don't get a about girls in particular is that we dress the same, Why? Is it because we're to scared to stand out from everyone or is it because we don't want to draw attention to ourselves. Fashion is all about expressing yourself and showing your creative side.

Tip 4. Update and change your wardrobe. I feel like this is important because not only is fashion changing but also you as a person. If someone says to you that their the same person as they were 5 years ago or even a year ago then they are lying. A big part of my life is changing and developing as a person so having a new jumper or dress every so often is a good thing.

Tip 5. Remember Fashion is fun! Never thing that you need to be looking the best all the time because its simply never going to happen. sometimes fashion can be a scary thing which can make you feel so insecure but at other times the most beautiful person in the world. Anything can be classed as fashion you just have to be creative.

What are your fashion tips?

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  1. These were super helpful tips and I think making a scrapbook is a great idea! X