Royal & Langnickel Brush Review

Thought I would carry on with my make up brush obsession and review another new addition to my collection.

Once again I was looking around my local ASDA when I came across the same section where I got my real Techniques brushes. This time most of the real techniques had sold out so I thought I'd give these beautiful brushes a good, as well as picking up a beauty blender.

These brushes are the Royal & Langnickel brushes Which are £6.49 for the highlight and glow and £7.39 for the quick contour. I got these two in a mini set but for some reason I can't find it on their website. I bought this set for only £8!! so if i add it up in total I saved nearly £6!

I'd say the highlight and glow brush is the best out the two as its just the perfect shape and size to apply highlighter. At the moment I only own liquid highlighters or balm highlighters so I've had to go use my sister powder urban decay powder which I love!! I found that it applied it super nice and didn't get all stuck in the brushes. Sometimes you need to look out for brushes that eat more product than they apply.

So one again the quick contour brush is very nice quality, has a descent weight to it, the bristles really soft and nice. I used this with my Rimmel two in one contour and highlighter stick that I've had a while. I've got to say this brush applied it so much better than a beauty blender. It actually blended it evenly and made it look smooth and flawless on my face.

One other thing I wanted to talk about with these brushes it the colour. The bristles are black and dark purple meaning that when they are used you can't see how dirty they actually are which is good for me because I literally only wash them like once a month. I don't understand brands who come out with white brushes??? like they are going to look so dirty and manky after one use.

What's you favourite brushes??

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