Real Techniques Brush Review

It's only been in the past year or two that I've proper gotten into make up and with that came my  brush obsession. I've got a younger sister who loves  high end make up and has every real technique brush set, every now and again I would use them and slowly became more interested in using them. Lately I've just fell in love with using the real Techniques base brush set and don't think I would be able to live without it.

I have a local ASDA which I was casually browsing when I came across the Real techniques brush set for only £11!!!! Like I was soooooo happy to of found it at such a great price when normally they are £17. Today since I'm using them everyday I thought that I would give you a quick Review on them.

So i'll start off with my favourite brush out them all which is the contour brush. I love this for doing my contour because the brush is the right shape and size to allow you to get right into the hollow part of your cheek bone. The bristles are soft which feels amazing on your face as well as apply it evenly.

Next up is the buffing brush which does exactly what it says it does oddly. I actually found if you apply so normally setting powder onto the brush before buffing everything out it makes it easier and also looks more professional and flawless. You can use this for lots of things such as powder, blush, contour and also baking.

The detailing brush i'm not quite sure what its designed for as its too small too apply concealer and too big to apply lipstick, so I just use it for my eyebrows. I would say that this is my least used brush out of them all.

And last but not least the flat foundation brush. I don't know about you but I'm a beauty blender girl when it comes to applying foundations. I only use this brush to smear the foundation on before blending it out to how I want. I have tried to blend out my foundation using the brush but found it didn't apply as smoothly and flawless as when I do it with a Beauty Blender.

Now I thought I'd tell you things I know and have learnt about them and not just the individual brushes. My sister left her brushes drying on her windowsill on a hot sunny day which has caused the bright orange metallic colour to fade a bit so guys that's one to be careful about. But I think that's the only thing you need to be careful of. They wash super well, I just use shampoo and warm water and they come up brand new.

I hope you liked my first ever blog post and come back to read my next blog post which will be uploaded shortly

what's your favourite brushes?

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  1. You got such a bargain with these brushes! I love the buffing brush and use it for just about everything!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush