Mini Room Tour

I'm I super nosy person and loves to look into people personal space and see what its like so I thought I would give you a chance to do just that. Today's blog post is just some of the things I have in my bedroom. 

So I'll start off with my desk which is directly right by the door. I would like to say that I spend lots of time doing all my college work here but to be honest I don't, I find it easier to sit on my floor and spread it all out and to basically make a big mess in my room. Here I keep my desk essentials like scissors, pens and pencils. This is also where I keep my sewing machine. when I'm at college I'm always needed to finish off my work at home and always on it so there's no reason to put it away because I'd just be getting it out again. I'm a person who likes to collect lots of different tiny things for projects so when I walk past it's kind of like my inspiration wall but at the moment I'm not at college so I've cleared it ready for my next big project. For some reason I just love little things that you can put on desks and shelf's which are cute, I got this little pot with the elephant head on from a little gift store in Cornwall, Padstow when I went on hoilday this year for only £4!! One thing you should know about me is that I'm a jar hoarder. I have them everywhere and I store everything in them.

Next my bed. Nothing really to it as it's just a bed. The thing I love most about it is my bedding which is Primark along with the blanket and cushions seeming as I'm a big Primark lover. I spend a good amount of time in that bed and that's all I've really got to say about it.

So my bed side table is another place I just like to show of my cool candles and some photos of frames. I have draws in them which I just store books and little bits and bobs.

This is my vanity which is by far the favourite thing in my room. I'm very lucky to have a Dad who's a joiner meaning everything in my room including my wardrobes, desk, bed, basically anything wooden has been designed by me and made by my Dad. I love my vanity because it's just so big and beautiful. This is the first thing you see when you walk into my room. I just have little bits and bobs on it again like my make up brushes, plants, my mirror and more. In the draws I store all my beauty stuff along with all my college work and big folders. I just love having so much storage.

I couldn't resist not taking a picture of  my handsome cat as I was taking all the picture. Just look how cute he is!!!

I hope you enjoyed a sneek peek into my bedroom if you want to see more of my bedroom such as how I store my make up or anything tweet me @AlElizabethx

What's your favourite piece in your room? Tweet me a picture! x


  1. Love the decor, especially the bed covers! So cool that you have a sewing machine too :)

    Anika xo |

  2. I absolutely adooore that pink wall calender - where is it from? Such a lovely room layout.

    xx Robyn | head above water