A Look Into My Hand Bag

This post is for the noisy and curious people who actually read my blog. Today I thought I would let you have a sneak peak into something that's always by my side.

So first I'll start of with the actual bag which is from River Island which I actually got as a Birthday present but you can purchase it for £48. The bag  also come in other colours such as black and grey. You can't forget the cute little pomp pomps that came with the bag. There is also a matching purse to go with it which I really want but don't want to spend all my money on.

My handbag essentials are Keys, Phone and purse. I can't go anywhere without them. These three items are normally on me even when my handbag is not. My purse is from newlook and my phonecase is from skinnydip. I love my keyring which was from primark for £1.50.

Somethings which are good girl thing to have in your bag is a travel sized fragrance. I have the mini Victoria's secret perfume in the scent tease. Another thing along the line of perfume is deodorant. One of my favourites is mitchums spray which you can get in a mini size or in a stick. Lipbalm is key as we are moving into the cold season. My favourite is the body shops cherry lipbalm as its not only a great lip balm but also a really good lip tint.

One thing that I also ways have in my bag is another little bag that contains toiletries, packet of tissues, hand sanitizer basically things that always come in handy but not all people have.

And my last but not least really cool. cute sun glasses!! I got these from Primark for £2 and have basically spent my how summer in them. Love them and can't wait to wear them next year.

what's your handbag essential?

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  1. I love your bag, the colour is gorgeous! Also how cute is your phone case haha!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush